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Wood & Stream Creations started in 1964, selling Sportsmen's Gifts with a specialty of gift items for retriever dog enthusiasts. In 1970 Grandy Crafts & Treasures was opened for business. The gift shop acted as the retail outlet for the catalog business. The dairy goat gift division was started in 1988 and has grown into one of the largest catalog and retail businesses exclusively designed for goat enthusiasts. The inventory includes every type of gift item imaginable that has a goat represented.

Why GOATS, would you say? Well, it started out as a family 4-H Dairy Goat Project for our eldest son in 1973. As with the former retriever dog experience, we could see that goat enthusiasts wanted to collect items that represented their beloved animal. The quest was on to find gift items that would accommodate that need and the number of items has grown ever since. And yes, we still have real live goats. We sold our Toggenburg goats in 1988, but got back into goats in 1995 with the arrival of our first Boer goats. Since then we have added Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in 1999 and these, together with the Body Shops herd of Oberhasli, make up the live goats that people enjoy when they visit us at our retail outlet shop in Grandy or can see online at Body Shops Dairy Goats.

Our mailing address is 9721 Mound Prairie Drive, Houston, MN 55943-0360
Phone: 507-894-4274
Fax: 507-896-5695

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